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Math Medic Foundation Pi Day Pi K!

First Annual Math Medic Foundation Pi Day Pi K!

Join us for the first annual Math Medic Foundation Pi Day Pi K! This is a virtual event inviting participants to run, walk, or bike 3.14 kilometers (about 1.95 miles) on March 14th. Our mission to improve equitable outcomes in the mathematics classroom is best accomplished not individually, but through community efforts. While our community is spread out across the country and beyond, we can come together virtually through this event. Once registered, you'll have the chance to share photos of your run, walk, or bike ride. We'd be honored if you'd join us. View our Charity Footprints campaign and register here!

Can't run or walk on March 14th? No problem! Feel free to complete your Pi K anytime after you register and prior to March 21st. 

Don't want to run or walk alone? No problem! Run or walk with the Math Medic Foundation team in Grand Rapids, MI on March 14th, or set up your own live event (we'll help you communicate your event). 

Event Shirt and Medal

The cost to register for this event is 10 pi ($31.42), and because of the generosity of our sponsors, 100% of your registration fee will go toward students, teachers, and schools in need. Each registrant will receive an event t-shirt and finisher medal in the mail. This year's t-shirt and medal design is below. 

Peer-to-Peer Competition!

Each Pi Day Pi K participant will also have the chance to raise money for Math Medic Foundation through the Peer-to-Peer fundraiser, available after registration within your Charity Footprints account. The person who raises the most will be invited for virtual coffee with Luke Wilcox and Lindsey Gallas, co-founders of Math Medic Foundation, AND exclusive Math Medic Foundation swag. 


We'd like to thank our sponsors, who helped make this event possible. To learn more about our sponsors and the important work they do, please click each logo below. 

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Please join Math Medic Foundation in our mission to improve math outcomes for all. You can contact us to get involved or donate here.

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