2023 Scholarship and Grant Awardees

We are thrilled to showcase our 2023 scholarship and grant awardees! Please read out these deserving students and teachers below. Student descriptions are in order cooresponding with the collage above, moving left to right starting at the top left. 

Kent County Fund Your Future Scholarship - $2,000 each 

Deacon Mansfield, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Rochester Institute of Technology this Fall to study game design and development. "This scholarship will help me tremendously. I am an independent student and I’m going to a out of state private school so any funding helps a lot. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for the ability to go to college. A year ago, I would have never imagined going to college."

Amira Hamilton ($4,000 award), Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Southern University A&M (in Baton Rouge) to study electrical engineering. "I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that this scholarship will afford me, and I will make the most of it. Your support will enable me to start my education this summer, instead of the fall and pursue my goals as an Electrical Engineer, and for that, I am truly thankful."

Alex Lloyd, Grandville Public Schools, will attend Kalamazoo College to study physics on their way to earning a Ph.D. in astrophysics. "This is an amazing opportunity to study physics, learn more about the world, and impact society without falling into educational debt."

Germain Ishimwe, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Grand Valley State University to study aviation. "I am truly grateful and thankful for this opportunity. It means a lot to me, because it will help me pay for my tuition and it will have big impact to me as I will be able to continue my studies In the major field of aviation."

Bonfils Matenga, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Aquinas College to study mathematics education. "This scholarship means so much to me, and it feels like a reward for all the sweats and hard work. I've always been fascinated in mathematics and being able to teach it to the upcoming generation will be the greatest honor."

Warren Cody, Comstock Park Public Schools, will attend the University of Michigan to study nursing and neuroscience. "My plan is to return back to Grand Rapids, Michigan area and become a Registered Nurse and work in the Neurological Department at Helen Devos Children's Hospital."

Aric Story, Grandville Public Schools, will attend the University of Michigan to study computer engineering or physics. "Learning and experimenting have always been a big part of my life since seeing my older brothers experimenting in their own fields in school and creating programs on their computers when I was much younger. I hope in the future I can repay this good fortune by helping create new technologies that will advance us as humans."

Payton Grispo, Forrest Hills Public Schools, will attend Michigan State University to study mathematics education. "Being awarded this scholarship was a huge achievement for me. It makes going to college just a little bit easier."

Tommy Nguyen, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Brown University to study engineering and computer science. "During my time in college, I hope to do research as well as find study abroad programs where I can travel to Vietnam and explore water behaviors. Furthermore, I want to use math to focus on manufacturing materials against Vietnam’s annual floods: providing accessible raincoats, building watergate systems, and more."

Mazin Adam, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Michigan State University to study human biology. "Being awarded this scholarship means a lot to me."

Ebise Tarekegn, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Michigan State University to study biomedical laboratory science. "I want to be able to be the first person in my family to go to college but not place a significant burden on my parents so that my younger sisters and brothers can follow my steps."

Gaurab Adhikari, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend the University of Michigan to study data science and business. "Being awarded this award makes me feel ecstatic. It feels as if some of the weight on my shoulders has been lifted when it comes to my financial situation in college."

Victoria Woodard, Kentwood Public Schools, will attend Lawrence Technical University to study architecture. "For me, this scholarship means hope: hope for my future career and financial situation. This scholarship is an answer to my prayers, as I have prayed for financial assistance."

Fund Your Future Scholarship - $2,000 each 

Jamyah Phillips, York, Pennsylvania, will attend Rochester Insitute of Technology to study computational biology and bioinformatics. "When applying for this scholarship, I did not have only myself in mind, but my family and the future to come. By having this scholarship I will be able to obtain the education that is needed in order for me to help others out through computational biology in the future."

Brandon Diaz, Freeport, Texas, will attend the University of Texas at Austin to study chemical engineering. "As a first generation high school student and oldest sibling there are times I feel so defeated, frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused. Then I remember why I am doing this. I want my sister to look up to her brother as a role model, so she knows she won't need to navigate things on her own."

Paul Myers Scholarship for Data Science - $4,000  

Arielle Moreno, El Paso, Texas, will attend the University of Texas at Austin to study statistics and data science. "I hope that my success will encourage other students like me to apply for scholarships and majors in mathematics, such as data science or statistics. I believe that breaking the mold of what is expected of mathematic students will help open up opportunities and bring more interest to this incredible field." 

Teacher Grants

Barbara Garber, Linda Vista Elementary, San Jose, California, received a $350 grant for mathematics project materials. "I am overjoyed and it is a sigh of relief knowing I can now purchase the item I can afford to purchase the things my students need to support them in math."

Tim McMahon, Kaufman High School, Kaufman, Texas, received a $580 grant for AP Statistics review courses for his students. 

Mt. Pleasant STEAM Elementary, San Jose, California, received $800 to fund a Julia Robinson Math Festival at their school. "We are thrilled to bring this event to our students and families! Our students are naturally curious learners and can't wait to have them explore and learn!"

Pete Grostic, Ph.D

Executive Director

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