Math Medic Foundation Spring 2022 Scholarship and Grant Winners

Due to your generosity of Math Medic Foundation supporters, we were able to distribute over $7,000 in scholarships and grants in Spring 2022 to students, teachers, and schools in need. Please take a few minutes to read about the impact your donations have made.

Shannon Richardson, Boardman, OH: $2,000 scholarship

Shannon will be attending John Carrol University this fall and plans to major in Engineering and Mathematics. Her goal is to attend John Carrol for 3 years, then Case Western Reserve for 2 years to finish her engineering degree. She has struggled with anxiety and depression throughout her life and has used mathematics to cope; Shannon has found that math puzzles help calm her down.

"Receiving this scholarship opened doors in my life that would not have been an option before. It has made it possible for me to attend two private universities for my dual degree in engineering. I believe that even through challenging times you should never stop doing what you love and what you are passionate about, because your passion can provide you with unique opportunities like the opportunity Math Medic Foundation has given me." - Shannon Richardson

Jose Torres, Ligonier, IN: $2,000 scholarship

Jose will attend Manchester University this fall and plans to become a CPA. He'd eventually like to return to his small town in Indiana to support local businesses that struggle without accounting services. 

"This scholarship gives me an opportunity to keep striving toward reaching my goals. It shows me that help it out there when you look for it." - Jose Torres

Hector Paiz-Loeza, Wyoming, MI: $1,000 scholarship

Hector will be attending Grand Rapids Community College this fall. He'd like to eventually transfer to Michigan State University and major in Physics so that he can become an Astrophysicist or a Physics teacher. Hector worked throughout his high school career to in order to save up money for college. Hector is a hard worker who completed 3 AP classes in high school.

"The Math Medic Scholarship is one of my proudest academic achievements. I’m very grateful that my hard work and effort were not only noticed but also awarded with such an amazing reward. For that, I couldn’t be more appreciative." - Hector Paiz-Loeza

Ashleigh Crofton, Grand Rapids, Michigan: $1,000 scholarship

Ashleigh will attend New York University this fall and plans to study business and statistics. She used to struggle with mathematics, but ended her high school career completing AP Statistics. Ashleigh's lifetime dream is to own her own business. 

"Receiving the Math Medic Foundation scholarship is very meaningful to me. It will help me pay for NYU's expensive tuition which will push me to follow through on my dreams of being a business owner." - Ashleigh Crofton

El Dorado High School, Las Vegas, NV: Grant for classroom calculators

Robert Gudino has struggled to find working calculators for his high school mathematics students. 

"Having a new class set of calculators will definitely enhance the students' ability to grasp the concept while building their level of confidence. I want to create equitable opportunity for my students and ensure that we take the necessary steps to bridge the learning gaps wherever possible." - Robert Gudino, El Dorado High School

In addition to the scholarships and grants above, Math Medic Foundation was also able to donate over 900 AP Statistics student review courses and over $1,000 in teacher professional development.

Please join Math Medic Foundation in our mission to improve math outcomes for all. You can contact us to get involved or donate here

Pete Grostic, Ph.D

Executive Director